Upholstery Cleaning Service

Let us restore your old upholstery so you keep that worn-in feel but have it looking brand new again!
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    Upholstery Steam Cleaning

    Upholstery cleaning and is one of our most common services. Our high powered, upholstery cleaning machine will have your old sofa looking spotless in no time. We always test a small area of upholstery so you can see the results before we begin the upholstery cleaning service. Once you're happy with the results, we will clean your upholstery and have it dry in 2-3 hours.

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    Wide Range of Fabrics

    No matter what type of upholstery cleaning you need, we can provide it. Whether you have natural upholstery or synthetic fabrics, hard or soft, cream or black, we have the tools and the knowledge to provide your upholstery with a deep clean.

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